Johnny Chiba: Reviews

The Old Bronx Borough Courthouse is No Longer Empty.
Jefe aka Johnny Chiba affirms, confirms + participates

American Reflexxx is amazzzing
and courageous performance art

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba does the MoCCA loca, 2015 style


TEST PRESS hits Miami Beach to discover,
uncover & recover

Johnny Chiba braves the weather and strains of ebola for
the annual musical experiential known as CMJ Music Marathon

Salute to Boy Kong

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba gets framed and frozen at Frieze New York 2014

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba goes MoCCA Loca

one more year, one more pier

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba's CMJ photojournal experiential


Jefe aka Johnny Chiba photo-journal from the Isle of Randall: art, food, balloon and shit

Test Press peers @ peers @ the piers? hardly... art

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba photojournal reality in effect

superheroes, monsters, comics and much much less!


a hundred humongous hulks and a helluva hangover!

Johnny Chiba plots potshots & whatnots
pseudo-rhyme photothon of CMJ Music Marathon
click CMJ logo to delve into CMJ twenty-twelve


June 29 - July 15 @ Walter Reade Theatre / July 12 - 28 @ Japan Society

NYAFF2012 - TEST PRESS reviews
click poster thumbnails

Love Strikes! (Moteki!)

The Sword Identity
Dragon (aka Wu Xia)
Doomsday Book

Potechi (Chips)

Scabbard Samurai

Warriors of the Rainbow
Guns N' Roses
Dead Bite
Nameless Gangster


Natalie Djurberg: THE PARADE @ The New Museum
stop-motion animation spectacular with birds!

Frieze Art Fair New York: irreverent review & circumstantial experiential from the Island of Randall

Bush Tetras live
live @ Terminal 5




The interesting boxes of Karen Kratch comprised photos of abandoned mental institutions transferred onto wood,
one of our favorite pieces to play with and ply our minds at Kianga Ellis Projects' The New York Group Show




TEST PRESS Loves American Idol recaps, recraps, regurgitations, reanimations, recaptured fades

American Idol Top 3 Recaptured- Beyond Say!
Haley Rocks Around (and off) the Clock
to Make Way for American Country Idol Finale
American Idolatry Top 4 Sing Songs
That Inspire and Lady Gaga Perspire
Lieber & Stoller & Gaga oh my!
American Cry-Dol Top 5 Cry
Now and Then, Lusk for Life

American Idol Top 6 take on Carole King
Casey's Last Stand

American Idol Top 7 tackle the
21st Century (Schizoid Man)

American Idol Top 8 - animated
at The Movies

American Idol Top 9
get rocked n' rolled
Sir Elton is American Idol-ized
via Top 11 redux

American Idol Top 11 rulez
Chiba's world! what?!


March 3-6, 2011 NYC

Richard Stipl

A-Z preview of South By Southwest
(SXSW) 2011 Music Fest

click above logo for first-person experiential of the great art fair that is ART BASEL, and select satellite art fairs below

Barry McGee

scathing skateboards
bizarre mylar
sculpturally animated
grotesque animatory
historically domesticated


Jasper de Beijer

lushly odd
Godzilla Lite
curiously striking
hands on art
reality check

Chris Crites

Jesus H Crites!

Jens Schubert


los perros de amor
colorful and amazing!
contempt of contemporary art
video game animation madness

historic & macabre


bleak oblique symbolic

Lauren Kelley

Nikolai Noel

Stop-Motion animation video
"Get the Bones from 88 Jones"
graphite, watercolor, etc on
antique ledger book pages
paper-cut art from
Picasso-esque sculptress
beastly dustiness

Solar panel art

interestingly dark

Pinta 2010 Latin American Art Fair Experiential

CMJ 2010 Music & Film Fest
NY Comic Con 2010
Another Chiba TEST PRESS experiential of
of poor photos, verbage and silly antics

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba
TEST PRESS PhotoJournalistic

Art Basel Dec 09 Review


SXSW 2007
CMJ Marathon 2008
Dub Trio

Peaches - Art Basel06
Dungen live
Friends w/You - Balloon Parade
Russian Circles
NY Knicks


Once upon a time, TEST PRESS was in print