Johnny Chiba


Jéfe aka Johnny Chiba.  Named after late great kung fu action movie star make-believe godfather, Sonny Chiba.

Jefe’s music & art, publicity & promotion for major labels, indie labels, College Music Journal and comic artist Mike Diana transcends eras of bands, artists, computers and phones.

As musician, his wild distorted guitar and pseudo-hit songs power projects Budda-Bang!PopTones, Totally Fucking Gay, Whorgasm and others.

Johnny Chiba Art: Pen Scratch Art, Transmogrications & Animations, and Graphic Design for album covers, promotional banners, t-shirts, et al.

Johnny Chiba Videos snippets, artist salutes, music videos, ai creations.

Johnny Chiba Cats culled from Chiba’s home of 7 cats, inside and out; pictures, fractals & animations of feline friends.

Johnny Chiba Review once-published zine TEST PRESS (aka TESTicle PRESSure) became, online reviews and salutes to artists & musicians, peppered with gifs & animations.

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