Johnny Chiba Music

MaMa Gütay

MaMa Gütay

Jéfe aka Johnny Chiba: lead/slide guitar, vocals
Todd Rosenbaum: drums
Mr. Sandro Belvedere: bass

MaMa Gütay means “C’mere, I’ll Kick Your Ass!” in Thai street slang, and name of eponymous debut from this NYC trio’s hard-drivin’ riff-swingin hot-slingin’ electrified slide guitar lickin of el Jéfe ridin’ the high and low end punch of Todd and Sandro, respect!

Todd is a sculptor/painter with a proficiency for waterfalls and metal tables. Now in Brooklyn with uber-talented wife and kids; drums with DUMP, SdWup and others.

Sandro is a chemist who hails from Rome Italy. He has a patent for a chemical compound.

The band is no more, but the music lives on free to listen & download.

Johnny Chiba Music: MaMa Gutay Live at CBGBs

MaMa Gütay
Live at CBGB’s

MaMa Gütay "Kinda Wild" Live at CBGBs

Kinda Wild
live at CBGBs

MaMa Gütay "Talking To Trees" Live at CBGBs

Talking To Trees
live at CBGBs

MaMa Gütay "A Whole Lotta Nothin" rehearsal

A Whole Lotta Nothin’
rehearsal track

Mike Diana sketch for unrealized cover art

Mike Diana cover art draft

MaMa Gütay "The Other Guy" Rehearsal Track

The Other Guy
rehearsal track

Slide, Jéfe, Slide! MaMa Gütay!

Slide, Jéfe, Slide

MaMa Gütay CBGB's Fisheye Lensicle

Live MaMa Gütay fisheye CBGBs

Jéfe Sativa posterized

Jéfe Posterized

Johnny Chiba Music: MaMa Gütay

unlicensed promo,  art: Dehara