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Budda-Bang! c/o Johnny Chiba Music


Relentless, Psychedelic, Monster-Slide, Distorted Guitar… Attack! BUDDA-BANG!‘s mind-blowing odyssey SONIC DECAYED is a realization of a state of mind and a statement of realization, a pressure wave of sound for a new millenium and personification of big apple slice o’life decadence, led by the slide guitar acrobatics of el Jéfe Sativa (aka Johnny Chiba)

Budda-Bang! Sonic Decayed CD c/o Johnny Chiba music

Budda-Bang! Sonic Decayed CD – Propulsion Records

Budda-Bang! "Hairball or Puke?" b/w "Beat Plastic" 7" Single with free plastic vomit

Hairball or Puke? b/w Beat Plastic  7″ vinyl single, free fake vomit

Hairball or Puke? video, directed by Joe Humeres, starring Jefe aka Johnny Chiba

Budda-Bang! Hairball or Puke? music video starring Jefe aka Johnny Chiba

Budda-Bang! Fantasy Band c/o Johnny Chiba Music

Budda-Bang! Fantasy Band

Propulsion Records logo - artwork: Mike Diana

Propulsion logo
art: Mike Diana

BUDDA-BANG!: Sonic-Decayed CD

Feb 25, 2001

A strange mix of sounds here, kids. Sometimes they sound a little like the Replacements, sometimes a little like Iggy Pop, and sometimes they just go off on a weird tangent all their own. It’s a mixed bag for me quality-wise and I find that the songs work better the more abstract and reefer-addled they get. Nevertheless, I don’t think this would be too bad an addition to the collections of the more sonically adventurous.

Budda-Bang! Relentless Psychedelic!

Budda-Bang! "Reason To Live" single.  Artwork: Mike Diana

Reason To Live single
Artwork: Mike Diana