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“Anyt’ing You Want”
Curated by Edwin Ramoran
Feb 3rd – Feb 26th, 2011

This group exhibition introduces contemporary artists from Hanoi, Los Angeles, and New York
who make work about sex, sexuality, and gender expression in painting, performance,
photography, sculpture, and video.

Skowmon Hastanan's
neon greetings
Young Chung - "Inner Peace" belies fireworks within!
Tai Chi Alfonso
futuristic poodle man
Clifford Landon Pun's
strings of affection

Anyt’ing You Want makes tangible the intersections of sexualized economies,
postcoloniality, and new performance.

Phuong Linh Nguyen's Kunst-face

fiery Skowmon art in the rear...
Skow Dakini Rose
up close
Skowmon and Edwin
curated and curator


some crowdy shots of anyt'ing and not'ing

I appreciated Krause Gallery artist Emil Alzamora, tho not part of Anyt'ing You Want,
nevertheless impressed with weighty "Chubs", floating "Spaceman", and reflective "A Nice Reflection".

animated alzamora

heading home to the Bronx was a trip and a half, thanks to
damn frozen train tracks on the #5 line