Jefe aka Johnny Chiba gets ornery at the Armory for MoCCA Fest 2014

presented by Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
and the Society of Illustrators

THE Charlie Brown balloon from the Macy's Parade was floating high
above the Armory's convention booths, making it relatively easy to find friends
("I'm right under Charlies Brown's nose" or "look for me under Chuck's gonads")

The Kaboom Press booth featured an amazing slew of comics from a couple
of my favorite cartoon series, Adventure Time and Regular Show.
I appreciated the different artist's takes on Finn and Jake's timely adventures,
and who knew there was even a Skips comic on a regular basis?

Hello artist Tim Smith! I have an affinity for the Hulk, no matter how angry or gay
he may look, even when artist Tim is drawing him for the sake of it. nice outlines,
just an interesting take on the other side of Bruce Banner and gamma ray design.

personalized biz card!

artist Steph Bailey and her "Wolfipede" caught my eye and heart... well done!

The Empress tarot card
from artist In Kyung Chah

Jesse Jacobs: represented by 2 publishers for 2 recent books, respectively.
Even The Giants from Adhouse books made great use of 3 colors, including
a light blue that looks fantastic when inverted

excellent interview with the artist, and many illustrations to boot

cool fumetto creatures!

great animation!

art for sale (wish i bought this one!)

Jesse Jacobs' blogspot website:

chiba animation

Koyama Press put out Jesse's By This You Shall Know Him
with new book due out soon

At the Koyama table, I also came across the way-interesting
art of Michael DeForge, including the screen printed Wet Cough

Official Michael DeForge site:

DeForge animated by Chiba

a couple publications from DeForge, Very Casual, a compilation, and Root Rot
with spectacular wrap-around cover

a couple panels from Very Casual

is Michael DeForge the greatest cartoonist
of his generation? click here


Met Josh Bayer and his Suspect Device comics, fine wraparound covers with
fine artists covering the likes of Nancy, Sluggo, Popeye, Li'l Orphan Annie etc...

Fantagraphics Press reprinted this comic in
hardcover format, a story with a spine worth retelling


a plenitude of women artists and illustrators
lined the booths and alleys with pizzazz, zest and color

Dominique Martin aka Dom the Deer - comics and illustration

D the D postcard / Chiba animation


Natalya Balnova

Kendra Allenby - Drawn Out Days

a good NYC strip by Ms. Allenby

Sue Jean Ko


Sarah Bibel


C'est Bon Kultur from Sweden put together interesting compilations
of comics and comic art, we even spotted a Mike Diana strip!

Speaking of Mike Diana, the infamous artist himself
was spotted walking around MoCCA Fest



interesting faces from Mike Turzanski


The Hulk and The Batman by
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz


one of the best self-portrait cartoons
from cute Kat Fajardo of Papercut Tavern

did you know Fajardo Coquis is a frog from Puerto Rico?
Kat Fajardo knows now!

Boyeon Choi and the SoFA Annual Report... interesting!

Syracuse Illustration Program represented artists, grad students
and illustrators. Postcard of Knicks' Carmelo Anthony
(ex-'cuse basketball) by Andrew Greif caught my Knick eye



Mark Pate's Rick Flash & The Adventurenauts
i appreciated the giant robot


the free comic from Atomic Robo (Red 5 Comics)
featured a cool giant muddy rock monster... Howaaargh!



Michael Vincent Bramley (Most Valued Bastard)'s Hulk vs Thing
postcard brought up memories of the real Hulk vs the real Thing...

this led me to a hulk page from where a slew of
Hulk illustrations were available, including this hilarious Hulk vs Thing.

Daygloayhole (Dayglow Asshole?)'s free little xerox
led me to artist's tumblr site and this cool, unused page


The guys from Drippy Bones books were representing,
including postcard for upcoming comic Force Majeure


One of my favorite tables came from FRMK (,
with a wealth of artist's books from Euro-Belgium

However, my favorite book was Cowboy Henk, a collection of comics from a strip that's been missing
from my life for the past 40 years or so. With the Cowboy's hilarious adventures with poop, penis and testicles
well-documented, I was unhappy to find all sealed copies were sold out by the time I returned to purchase at day's end;
I was offered the last open copy pored thru by hundreds of greasy, geeky hands for full price of $36. No thenk you.

I compiled some of my favorite CH comics found on the internet below. Enjoy.


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