AJ Fosik is ridiculous. a ridiculously talented sculptor whose creations
are neither human nor animal, but come from that godlike space between
reality and fantasy, with multiple eyes, ears, tongues, etc. These are the
Gods that time kills when all reality has been forgotten and forsaken.

I found a number of his pieces were similar, yet wild enough, to garner
animation, to show their obvious multitudinous traits, and the fantastic
details in the angles of these animalistic angels.



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Josh Keyes' Migration vibration is a study of the future,
of a world without man, where the animals have taken over
and co-habit the land, sea and air. A virtual smorgasboard
of the animal kingdom compressed into a magnificent artifice
of survival of the fittest. Excellent art, artwork, artist.

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba
jefe <at> testpress (dot) net