salute to

Lucha No Libre

@ Tara McPherson's

Boy Kong came to NYC @Cotton Candy Machine art gallery in Brooklyn!

Not only is Tara McPherson an extra-ordinary artist in her own right,
but her gallery showcases and sells hip and happening artwork in the heart
of Willyburg, such as the fun-nominal Boy Kong, the boy wonder!

Boy Kong = super prolific painter, woodworker, mural artist and world dominator!

Each piece is cut to shape and painted in Acrylic then coated in resin.

behold the luchadores and their prey!

exquisite creatures created by the Boy Kong, enraptured by los luchos!

lucha libre lubed & large!


the pieces below reveal more animal genius by the Kong Boy,
inimitable style cranked out

c'mon now, Blue Meanie on the yellow submarine ala Ed "Big Daddy"Roth?
freaking genius Boyeee!

see the artist perform his artistry, youtube stylee

meet Boy Kong on facebook!

review by Jefe aka Johnny Chiba
jefe (at) testpress (dot) net