Jefe aka Johnny Chiba meanders thru Brookyn Comics & Graphics Fest, post-Sandy

click here for large version of the great Chris Ware-created flyer


William Cardini's VORTEX comics make great use of black and white
shadowing, grayscale, and intricate patterns, not to mention humoresque
stories involving a merlin-like wizard named "Miizzzard"... ha!

click to see larger pics to appreciate,
as the gradations disappear in the thumbnails

a nice color piece

William Cardini at


No Brow publishers' extensive array of interesting artists,
as asserted in the latest Showcase compilation

Henry McCausland

simplex yet detailed characters, soft colors and architectural landscapes
help a Henry McCausland story along, nice storyboard style


No Man's Land

The wonderful artwork of Blexbolex transcends in this No Brow hardcover release,
with bright offset-like green, red and blue colors dominating a fantastic tale

Blexbolex is the featured cover artist of the Nobrow 2 compilation,
featuring the phantasmagorical "The Jungle" story


In a serendipidous moment, I purchased the sweet Seasons book
from Enchanted Lion books, not realizing it was by the very same
A children's book, or an adult's visual graphic fulfillment?

Seasons c/o
Enchanted Lion Books


I appreciate the vast stylings of Koyama Press artists, their remarkable
display of graphic novels, and website of artists. Three of my faves below

Jesse Jacobs
Jon Vermilyea
Mickey Zacchilli



Ms. Vega represented her artwork in accordian-like fashion,
with a number of colorful books about ancient fish and
assorted prehistoric creatures, as well as a 3D cover.

Estella Vega's work is sold via
Recession Art


Veronica Graham/JA Eisenhower

LODE = 60 pages of luminous maps all offset printed on translucent vellum.

Veronica Graham's architectural art/comix are graphical landscapes,
patterned after mine shafts of Nevada’s boom and bust culture of the late 19th century.

Sam Spina

A fine little book jam-packed with the kinetic
adventures of Fight, who pretty much fights
his way throughout the award-winning mini-novel

Sam Spina's Spinadoodles page

Poopsheet Foundation blog review

R. Kikuo Johnson
The Shark King

c/o Raw/

an excellent story supplemented by the magnificent artwork of
R. Kikuo Johnson's imaginary art, like a Life of Pi on the ground

an interesting blog post from the author on his shark king process

Natalya Balnova
"Day Job"

the creative crafty artwork and delicate coloring of Natalya Balnova's
Day Job can be found at her website


Paul Lyons

Monster: 10”x14”, 88 pages long, a monstrous collection of well-known
Providence comic artists with wraparound offset cover by Paul Lyons.

a preview of an upcoming "Monsters" (3 issues in 1, upcoming May '13)
featured a very dark black cover that piqued my dark side
Hidden Fortress Press

I purchased a small Paul Lyons
offset pamphlet of monstrous art




Fremok featured some entertaining artists,
my favorite being the demonic Demoniak, whose blog
goes beyond the bloody, sexual, murderous content within these books

Demoniak blog



another offset-style Fremok artiste of creepy hypnotic
creatures and fantastic foreign fantasy


Tom Toye

part of the collective stench over at
the boys and girls of Collective Stench

Tom Toye's Illogical Comics made me smile,
from the workout-inspired puking cover, to the
industrious, purpley-crafted comics within

Tom Toye Tumblr

Keith Jones

illustrator and comix artist Keith Jones' style is a dichotomy of coolness,
intensity and hilarity, alternating between complex album art, and
silly comix with morons and animal-humans getting murdered, wasted
and generally fucking up or getting fucked over. Wowza, Yay-yo!

Drippy Bone Books
Marvel comics presents

the highly-libelous Drippy Bone compilation, from the
mashup cover to the bizarro super heroes who make up
the drippy world within, led by the editor/compiler:

Pat Aulisio

I particularly enjoyed the Man-Thing panels,
animated here for the full effect

Josh Burgraff and Josh Bayer contribute their own
pseudo-super heroics to the drippy marvel familia

Jen Tong
Don't Follow Me

Jen Tong's pastel-like colors and lemony characters
stood out in her hand-printed, hand-bound silkscreen books

Lale Westwind

Enjoyed meeting comix artist Lale Westwind, whose
Chromazoid project includes a number of cool contributing artists,
and a cd of cool contributing bands! art+music = winner!


David Sandlin
Swamp Preacher

Creepy offset color from a creepy offset mind


Kuti Kuti
featured a number of publications from Le Dernier Cri,
the excellent free publication
filled with fantastic artwork and comics,
and downloadable pdf's from the Kuti Kuti website

Tommi Musturi

I purchased one of my favorite Le Dernier Cri books by
attending artist Tommi Musturi

Tommi posing in the Kuti Kuti booth, in front of a silkscreen of
artwork from the book, seen on right

this heavy death metal band piece was drawn small by Tommi
and blown up to create this interesting pullout panel

another cool book and panel by Mister Musturi

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