Jefe aka Johnny Chiba seeks and finds comic books, pseudeo-superheroes
and more Hulks than you can shake a big green stick at...

Oct 8-10, 2010 @ Jacob Javits Center

click thumbs for big pics


call it Cos(tume) Play, super-hero worship, or just an early Halloween,
ComicCon gives the meek and lonely the opportunity to become their favorite popular icon

wonder woman was specially sweet, and
was even showing some vag
Legendary Zelda and
elf queen on the bus
the costumed family
hi-chew king was giving out sweets
robo-dancers led the crowd thru
nerdy dance moves
yo, i'm cap america, how's about
a little kiss?
this guy wants to be a
blue sandwich
superhero pal-sy wal-sys.
another captain siting

another costumed fam represents.
ello captain dad!

sorry, I dunno who these posers
are supposed to be
I enjoyed watching the mean bear attack pseudo-troops
'ello queen of fire and lightning and heft
this guy wants a fivesome with these
avatar sluts
predator surprise attack!
yet another cos-duel to the death...
ho hum!
creepy axe guy has a nice smile...
when he slices you up!

cosplay photos below c/o Punyaruk "KT" Baingern @

green guy! what ru?
you got no weiner!
yet another costumed fam...or is it?
cheap godzilla suit representing
at Intel
cheap godzilla down for the count!


Comic Con provides an "artist alley" where everyone from up-and-coming comic artists
to famous oldtimers sell their wares, sign autographs and do custom drawings for fans

Nelson Faro DeCastro and his
Trailer Park of Terror
Another happy
Trailer Park cover
Arthur Suydam of Marvel Zombies
click here for Chiba's trans-animated page of original
Marvel covers
Ivan Reis - my fave
comic artist... from Brazil
Fantastic Ivan Reis art
more excellent art from Senor Reis!

Irwin Hasen,
youthful creator of DONDI...


an excellent (hulk+) artist,
Gabe Hardman
Gabe Hulkman's original art and color comic
it became... coolness!
Original Hulk artist Herb Trimpe
signed, drew and smiled!
I bought that one!
Hulk by Lee Weeks looks like Ron Reagan! haha!
cool Hulk by Humberto Ramos,
hawking herbal veggie mix!
Hulk get mad, Hulk sell out!

An incredible display of Hulk novels...
how can I keep up with the green guy?
The Hulk 100 Project
benefitting comic creators in need
c/o The Hero Initiative!
Comic Con is not complete
without Hulk nerd trampsing about!


Japanese illustrator Maiko Kubo, part of Katana Studios' group of artists, were offering a "doujinshi"
comics anthology entitled "Hon" (Japanese for "book"). I like Kubo-san's work!

BILL PLYMPTON and filmmaker
Alexis Anastasio, who raised
over $10K at to
fund "Adventures in Plymptoons"
documentary...way to go, cowgirl!

David Rankin of Effigy represented his art and skateboards
Effigy boards...
...and the original art from whence they came
surprised Chiba and his amazingly cool pilot hat
photo c/o Serge Z
Angry Drunk Graphics represent!
Justin Melkmann, Sergio Zuniga,
Mike Diana
and mo'!
photo c/o Serge

of science-fiction, comedy, comics

Katie Sackoff of Battlestar Galactica looking sweet and sexy... had a long line of autograph seekers
Tricia Helfer of Battlstar G was not part of long autograph line. She seems to be same star quality, but l I guess that Cylon stink makes a difference!
Lou Ferigno
the TV Hulk was signing, posing and talking up chicks
Robot Chicken co-creators Matt Senreich and Seth Green, his hot wife
and Home Alone's Macauley Culkin were on hand for a Robot Chicken
panel, attended by THOUSANDS of adoring fans! I bought a humping
robot at the Adult Swim booth when Seth said it humps anything...
but it doesn't, it just humps a stagnant dishwasher... bummer!!
Pseudo-stars Ralph and Jason of The Howard Stern show were representing Sirius' "Geek Time"
"Balls of Fury" star Dan Fogler was repping his comic, movies, cd, etc... the man's got balls...!


a bulk of the Javits Center is taken up by merchandise booths, selling
comics to posters, videos to videogames, books, t-shirts, costumes, ninja swords,
toys and everything else you can hawk to a pimply comic book fan

a very cool display from Toy Tokyo...
more fave t-shirts
my favorite t-shirt... on sale!
make me a taco, byotch!
strange umbrellas and sox
... on sale!
oh the horror! one of my fave books
of banned EC comics.. on sale!
hot chicks in corsets and huge titties

Jesus Dress Up creator and god's worst enemy, Normal Bob Smith
was representing with his large selection of anti-normal shwag

displays were on hand

Humongous ALIENS Anthology display promoted 4-DVD set with giant screen,vid-pods and
free t-shirts
Life-Size Avatar Robotguy
insulted folks into taking
pics with his hugeness
DC Universe represented with giant floor
display, mega-banners, comics galore,
signing artists & vidgames.
Corporate Comic America represent!

play time for all!

A row of Guitar Heros
doin' their thang
2nd Row of Hero Guitar
players wailing!
Reckoning the Game, I reckon,
wreaked havoc with cool video
booth and plastic weaponry
Super-sized screen displayed
the best gamers gaming
Real life video game for those who can afford race car in home, or game parlour


POB 1582 .Cooper Station
NYC . NY 10276