March 23, 2011 - TOP 11 performance show
Motown Week

American Idol Top 11 Season 10 - Various Artists

We love American Idol! Why? Because it's the best reality show on TV, where stars are born.
This year's judges are great, J-Lo is super hot, Steven Tyler is super cool, and Randy is Randy!
This year's top contestants are great,the camera work and coverage is insanely professional and entertaining!
We laugh, we clap, we cry, we vote, and we win when our favorites survive!
What a great show! This week our Top 10 Tour is revealed... here's what we saw:

Casey Abrams
“I Heard it Through The Grapevine”

Casey's voice was raspy ala Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty's take on the Marvin Gaye classic (Gaye? "Mo" town?)
but the bearded one seemed at ease in his tieless suit, and strode the stage like a pro, sounding cool and groovy, giving props
to his friends (and girlfriend?) in the audience. Although he couldn't really hit the high notes (but when could he?) the crowd went ballistic!
good start to the shoe! Nice purple and blue background fade!


Thia Megia
“Heat Wave”

A little more uptempo than past weeks, as per the judges recommendations.
Started off good, but Thia's voice wavered somewhat, not as strong as you'd hope.
the lass does have a melifluous voice, she just needs to project.
There's no getting around her gorgeosity, she is a beauty, and will get those beauty votes. Giggity!



Jacob Lusk
“You’re All I Need to Get By”

Holy Moley, Jacob Lusk sounds better and better each week.
He is love and inspiration, hitting those low lows and wacky highs, but this week,
he kept his vocals in check, thanks to advice from Jimmy Iodine, and BROUGHT IT!
Steve Tyler got up to kiss and hug him at end of song, then Ryan Skicrest had him
hug his gran-mamma, and then he invited the entire first row up for hugs, but stopped
short when some huge dude was ready to take his turn. funny!
Nice camera fade from Jacob to J-Lo's adoring face.


Lauren Alaina
“You Keep Me Hanging On”

Lauren Alaina Lauren! Doing a supreme version of the Diana Ross classic, this girl has got it going on.
She has lost some weight, and the beauty that lies therein is popping out. She has the best personality
of the entire cast, she is simply adorable, with a distinctively lustrous voice to match.
Sashaying around the judges, with Kirsten Dunst (Dunce?) smiling in the background, Lauren Alaina
proves she belongs in the tippy top of the bunch. She's one cool chick!


Stefano Lagone


Hello Stefano! Is it your voice you're looking for? how can you find it with your eyes closed, man?
Jimmy Iodode told you to keep your eyes open and connect, but you only connected with the back of your lids!
c'mon dudo! You've got those teen idol looks and a crooner's voice, but this week was a bit of a letdown.
Sure, he knows how to hold those notes, and the young girl's hearts, but.... what else? Oh Lionel, where's your daughter at?



Haley Reinhart
“You Really Got a Hold On Me”

she's got legs, and she knows how to use 'em. Smokey Robinson would love her miracle yams,
but would he approve of Haley's husky rasp? Sometimes, Haley looks fantastic, and she may
very well get those beauty votes, but once you get past those gorgeous locks and legs,
I'm not sure she's gonna last.... but those legs have got a hold on me.


Scotty McCreery
“For Once in My Life”

OK, Scotty McCreery, you've won a place in my heart heart heart.
I didn't think you'd last, but this MAD Alfred E Newman lookalike has endeared
his countrified croon to a professional level. Taking little Steve Wonder's classic and
giving it a twang was a stroke of genius, despite those ears that never quit.
I'd like to hear this boy do the theme from Midnight Cowboy, "Everybody's Talkin"...
Now THAT would ache my breaky heart! very nice camera fades, from Scotty
to his accompanying musicians.


Pia Toscano
“All In Love Is Fair”

Oh Mia Pia! So beautiful, so perfect of pitch and face and body.
Doing a fantastic version of Stevie Wonderful's INNERVISION song.
I thought she'd be the next American Idol, hands down, but after week after week of BALLADS galore,
even the judges are like...c'mon girl, move your butt a little. Speaking of butts, Ryan Seacross had
Pia turn around so everyone could see her gorgeous curves, even lifting her hair to reveal even more skin.
Way to go Ryan, you perve! very nice camera fades and focus!


Paul McDonald
“Tracks of My Tears”

Paul McDonald had a farm, yo dog, yo dog, yo! Another miraculous Smokey Robinson song,
that Paul aced with his smokey voice, sometimes he acts the (tears of a) clown with those extremely
pearly whites, Sting-like hair, and those spastic moves, but anchored behind his guitar, the
man is very rock 'n roll, and knocked out a killer version with help from da blondes singing background.
sweet camera fades, and love from the judges will propel this cat onward and up... word.



Naima Adedapo
“Dancing in the Streets”

wowee, the delicate flower broke out all the stops tonite, dancing in the street,
prancin on the stage, singin up a storm, bringin a little Fela to Am-Idol.
As the lovely Naima gains confidence, she gains fans, she takes chances,
and tonight's performance was a star being born. She is hot, mon!



James Durbin
“Living For The City”

James Durbin is living for the city, living for his kids, living just enough to hit notes only
Adam Lambert dared approach on the Idol stage. I LOVED his version of the Steve-O
classic, especially when he broke into the na-na-na's, strode around the stage,
and gave props to the funky bassist who looked like he needed a drink.
He left J-Lo speechless (with her phenomenal smile), and Steve Tyler looked stunned,
or on drugs, or both! who knows? he's so Aerosmith!


One of the best American Idols I've ever seen performance wise.
The entire cast is great, and I can see them all touring together...
Casey was voted off by America, and the judges saved him!! WOW!

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American Idol Top 11 Season 10 - Various Artists

oh ryan you're so fine, and tiny!


Casey is voted off and SAVED BY THE JUDGES!! Hallelujah!!

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