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May 4, 2011 -
Top 5: Now & Then
songs from today's music; songs from the past

American Cry-dol - who's innit to winnit?

American Idol Top 5 Season 10 - Various Artists

The Top 5 American Idol contestants performed a contemporary song and a classic past hit.
Sheryl Crow flew in to the studio to mentor alongside good ol' Jimmy Isofine.

Here's the recap-tacular:


"Closer to the Edge"

(30 Seconds to Mars)


James could be the next Jared Leto, if he becomes an actor with those big ears and torrets eyebrows.
I enjoyed Sheryl Crow singing with James in the studio even more than the live performance, which
I thought was kinda blasé, with a chorus you've heard before. Although James hit the high notes,
he screamed most of the song, and there wasn't much substance. Good light show, tho!
Itunes note: a much better singalong version, sounds a bit Flock of Seagully...

"Without You"
(Harry Nilsson)


Why choose a song that's so emotional you can't even sing it without breaking down?
James lost it in the studio and had to leave because he was crying so much, Sherry Crow
gave him a break, but it seemed she couldn't believe her eyes. Tears were welling up again
during the live performance, and tho I thought this would be the perfect song for the Durbin,
his tears got in the way of a the most powerful performance he could muster. Sad.
Itunes note: excellent version, James voice stands out on both the soft and high parts


"No Air"
( Jordin Sparks / Chris Brown)


Once again, Jacob goes with a song choice that speaks to him and probably no one else
in the world, by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. I liked the lights and fades and
surrounding graphics, but the vocals left much to be desired, probably because it's a
crappy song to start with that no one cares about, even if he sang it well, who knows?
Not the best performance, a tad out of tune, is he really innit to winnit? nopes
Itunes note: deep production, Jacob's doubled and tripled voice swims thru the mix,
much more interesting version

"Love Hurts"


Leave it to Jimbo Iovine to turn Jacob onto the Nazareth metal anthem classic "Love Hurts",
although SherCrow had to sing it to prove to Jacob that it could work.
I was looking forward to a power Lusk performance, and he did not disappoint,
booming and screaming alongside the harp...harp? harpo? harpfelt? wtf?


"Flat on the Floor"
(Carrie Underwood)


I noted Lauren sounded kinda Carrie last week, and this week she delivered
and Underwood ditty, with her crazy country fiddler in tow. Lauren's got her
style down pat, as she churns her notes with a low-to-high country twang.
An uptempo fun-filled performance, full of confidence, and she looked great!
Itunes note: a GREAT version, this is the Lauren Alaina record to be!

"Unchained Melody"
(The Righteous Brothers)


A fantastic song choice, one of those songs that makes you cry, a classic
from every other movie from the 50's through today, and Lauren delivered,
although I thought she could have belted it out more than she did.
She looked beautiful, and is giving Haley a run for the fox on FOX.
“A very tender moment” sayeth Randy Jackson, the dog knows his tenderness.
Itunes note: as SteveTy would say, "beautiful, just beautful"


( Montgomery Gentry)


One of the most energetic Body the Scotty songs yet.
The kid was all over the stage, singing to the cute blondes (they both want him, it's so obvious)
He's whooping it up, he's bringin down the hammer, an effortless, fantastic performance that J-Lo J-LOVED!
Itunes note: this version contains the same awesome energy, with even better instrumentation;
Scotty reaching low and hitting high, the boy is GONE like a freight train! Bang Bang Body!

"Always On My Mind"
(Elvis Presley)


Another classic, done up by Elvis and dozens of other crooners, Scotty delivered
again with a slow number that enabled him to sit on the stool, gaze at the camera,
and reach deep down in his pants for those baritone notes. This boy Scotty McCreery
is shaping up to be the newest crooner of them all, he's Scotty McCroony!
Itunes note: McCroony rules!



"Yoü and I"
( Lady Gaga)


BIG MISTAKE choosing a song NO ONE knows, other than Lady Gag-gag fans.
Does this song really have an umlaut over the "u"? so pretentious! gag!
It may have been a decent performance, but at this stage of the game, you gotta sing
songs the audience knows, and I guarantee 95% of folks voting do NOT.
Poor move by the mental mentor, Jimmy I-Yo-D'oh. Haley DID look hot, tho.

"House of the Rising Sun"
(The Animals)


Kudos to Crow-woman for suggesting Haley start off the Eric Burden/Animals classic a-capella
THIS song was the rich niche that Haley needed to bring her raspy sexiness to.
A great performance to end the show, the judges loved it, and Haley is looking
like a cover girl. Bee-yoo-ti-ful. This girl is innit to winnit, dog.
Itunes note: fantastic version, full of of sass and rasp

Download Entire Top 5
Performance Show here:

American Idol Top 5 Season 10 - Various Artists



As we know, Jacob received the least amount of votes, and was cast off the show.
Not surprising, I feel he lost the Lusk for Life he had over the first few weeks, and was
holding on by a thread. Jacob getting chosen into the Top 12 was one of my favorite moments
of Season 10, when he trucked away from the judges, and Ryan Squeakcrest ran after him.
This joyous, playful Jacob, with his gospel-filled performances, provided many highlights of
this season, and we wish him the very best.



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