TFG: Swallow Sperm Deluxe! CD + Poster + 6 Mike Diana Signed Art Prints


TFG: SWALLOW SPERM DELUXE! CD + Poster + 6 Mike Diana Signed Art Prints (Screenprints/Risographs from Le Dernier Cri, Lucky Risograph, Perfectly Acceptable)

Totally Fucking Gay’s SWALLOW SPERM CD + 2-sided Poster, includes the semi-hard hits Swallow Sperm, Condoms Go On All 4 Penises, I Don’t Know Anyone Who Is Straight, Someday There Will Be No Gender, Marilyn Manson I Will Suck Your Dick, Butt Sex With Morgan Freeman and more!

Hard rock, pan-sexual lust and insult comedy cum together in a rifftastic celebration of queer sonic rebellion. The songs of SWALLOW SPERM are ripped from the headlines, bold declarations that the old rules no longer apply. For fans of loud rock ‘n roll and immature Howard Stern bits from 20 years ago, TFG mixes guitar-based party tunes with abrasive underground elements. Comical lyrics celebrate balls, butts & cock in a way that would make John Waters proud. Politics, pleasure, penis, farts… nothing is off limits.

The signature TFG experience is compiled into 3 1/2 minutes or less. Keyboards stolen them from Ric Ocasek, rhythm guitars mix punky chords with metallic harmonics, blazing double-blast electro drums alternate with steady four on the floor rock beats, and short lead/slide guitar sections brim with cannabis-fueled intensity evoking twisted versions of Hendrix and Page. From the melodious anthemic title track to the colliding of guitars, keyboards and loud beats of “Condoms Go On All Four Penises” and “I Don’t Know Anyone Who Is Straight”, TFG continues to bring the laughs to anyone who likes sexual liberation and distorted guitars.

SWALLOW SPERM artwork was created by notorious artist Mike Diana, whose creative depravity is so off-putting to the conservative and religious that he’s been arrested for his artwork. In the era of Trump and Pence, the artistic marriage of TFG and Mike Diana seems more timely than ever. Six digital singles, music videos and 7” risograph / screen prints from Le Derneir Cri (France), Perfectly Acceptable (Chicago) and Lucky Risograph (NYC) help promote the new CD/poster package. If you love the LGBT, hate the GOP, and you’re down with OPP, then SWALLOW SPERM will be your album of the year.

TFG is Totally Fucking Gay:
Kneepad Nikki – words, voice, keys, dirty knees
Doc Octocock – guitars, keyboards, production
Joe Testículo – lead guitars, penis slide


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