TFG: Self-Titled (Torso) CD – Mike Diana Cover


New CD in slipcase. Mike Diana artwork on cover and CD.

Totally Fucking Gay was formed in 2003 by vocalist Kneepad Nikki. Nikki explains, ‘I needed an outlet to express my admiration for the extreme side of gay culture. I wanted to create an old school John Waters movie in sonic form.’ Nikki mixed his love of underground music, pop music and taking dicks in his ass to create an electro-grind Village People for the 21st century.

Kneepad Nikki, Doc Octocock and Joe Testículo created TFG’s self titled album during the summer of 2015. The lead single, ‘Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men’ was recorded first; followed by 9 other homoerotic hymns. Once the album was completed, the three formed Third Input Records as a way to release TFG’s record; as well as the entire TFG back catalog.

TFG’s queercore, electronic music is a pop grindcore comedy project first and foremost. TFG’s secondary purpose is to be a homophobe’s worst nightmare. We’re like the NWA of homosexuality. We take all the things that conservatives fear about gay culture-and instead of downplaying them for societal approval; we amplify them beyond caricature. Then we shove them right up their ass.’

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