TFG: G.O.P. (Gag On Peni$) CD + Poster – Mike Diana Art


Totally Fucking Gay’s 7 song e.p. “G.O.P. (Gag on Peni$)” was originally released Nov 8th 2017, the 1-year commemoration/commiseration of POTUS TRUMP.

Shortly after the release, the record was dropped, along with 18 other TFG-related releases, from all digital distro outlets: iTunes, Google, Amazon etc, for violating the distributor’s standards (hate speech, pornography). “G.O.P. (Gag on Peni$)” was re-released digitally 4.20.18

FACT: Mike Diana’s CD/Poster cover artwork for the TFG G.O.P. was refused printing by two CD manufacturers prior to it’s release.

“Orange Anus” the first video/single, is a funny, psychedelic melange of republicans, politics, peni and hashtags.

“The Ballad of George Takei” the second video, is a love letter from TFG to Sexy Sulu. The video combines stop-motion animation, scantily clad action figures, and a slew of familiar enterprising faces.

Enter the sonic gloryhole of TFG and the visual psychotic splendor of Mike Diana. The mix of indie electro rock, full frontal guitar and grindcore is dirty comedy at it’s dirtiest. If you’re against Trump, the conservative agenda, extreme religious fanatics in politics, or just a pervert who likes to laugh and rock out, choose TFG.



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