Whorgasm “Smothered” Re-Make Re-Model 2xCD, Rawkus, 1996


Whorgasm “Smothered” Re-Make Re-Model 2xCD, Rawkus, 1996

CD1-01 Drive
CD1-02 Scream Motherfucker
CD1-03 Numb
CD1-04 Aladdinsane Guitar [Slide] – El Jéfe Sativa
CD1-05 Alt.RockHit ’95
CD1-06 Crash
CD1-07 Michael Jackson’s Sex Change Backing Vocals – Laura Kightlinger
CD1-08 The Truth Puts Me To Sleep
CD1-09 Mr. Junior World
CD1-10 Sensatorium
CD1-11 Tell Him To Get A Bigger T.V.
CD1-12 Flicker Of Hope
CD2-01 Numb (Sick Hop Mix)
CD2-02 Numb (Sick Hop Mix Extended)
CD2-03 Numb (Radio)
CD2-04 Sensatorium (Sugarcoma Mix)
CD2-05 Sensatorium (Sugarcoma Mix Extended)
CD2-06 Highway Star
CD2-07 Drive (Malted Mix)

Bass – Andrew Goodsight
Drums – Damon Webber
Engineer – Chris Albert
Guitar – El Jéfe Sativa, Jason Goodrow
Guitar, Vocals, Producer – Jimmy Harry
Mastered By – Brad Johnson
Mixed By – Doug DeAngelis
Producer – Ron Baldwin

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