TESTicle PRESSure #2 The Apocalypse Issue + Music Cassette – Mike Diana Cover, Comic


TESTicle PRESSure #2 – The Apocalypse Issue!
64 pages – features Mike Diana front and back covers, including fantastic Newt Gingrich inhuman cock cover art and beautiful MD story “Stag Beetle Pal.” Includes exploitation cassette of cool tunes.

Exploitation Cassette Info
Epitaph Rawks Punk Cock!
The Apocalypse Of Sports
Howard Stern Tiny Cock King
Foundations ’94
Killing Joke Innerview w/Jaz
Lollapalooza – el Jefe Experiential
Polvo Innerview w/Dave
Woodstock Mudderfuckers Experiential II
Mega-zine Reviews- suggested fodder
The Apocalypse of Comix
CMJ Music Marathon
The Apocalypse of Sex-Drugs-R&R
Mike Diana Comix Stag Beetle Pal
Whorgasm – Jimmy Harry Innerview
Reviews & Abuse
Fleshback! Quadrophenia/More Songs About Buildings & Food
Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Exploitation Cassette index
Side One
The Six&Violence – Apocalypso
Budda-Bang! – Emergency
Whorgasm – Scream Motherfucker
Ism – Jukebox Misery
Speed McQueen – This Is It
Budda-Bang! – New York City

Side Two
Whorgasm – Terminate the Terminator
The Six &Violence – Kick God’s Ass
Speed McQueen – Whitebread Dreadlock Boy
JohnMack – Christ (Pig Time)
Budda-Bang! – Fear Of A Black Man

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