Test Press #4 The Hemp Issue + V/A Music Cassette – Mike Diana Cover, Comics


180 Pages, Hemp paper cover – chock full of Mike Diana art, including front/back/inside covers, illustrated articles, Beavis & Butthead, a clitorectomy, MD comix retrospective; includes hour-long Exploitation Cassette of extreme punk, edge, high guy tunes! Steve Cerio, Exploitation Tapeviews, NewsFlesh-Mike Diana, Hoop Creams, Prepubescent Pubesnatcher, Whorgasm Whorror Story, Diablo Musica Innerview, Poundations Experiential, Saga of Baz Turd, MacFest Experiential, June of ’44/Skulpey, CMJ Experiential, Spiritualized, Scout, Neutral Milk Hotel, Grita! The Pleasure Fuckers, Space Needle I-View, Mike Diana Comix – The Revenge of Bill & Jill, Comix, Beavis & Butthead, Frank Kozik-Man’s Ruin, Richard Corben, D.B. Velveeda, Cool Comix Misc., Video Mucus, Planet Brooklyn, Laura Kightlinger-Storyville, The Heat Wave Inside Me, Ultra Bidé InnerView, HEMP ISSUE INTRO, Let It Bloom, High Guy Music, Classic High Guy, Santana High Guy, Pink Floyd High Guy, Hempilation view, The Beatles High Guy, Carlos Casteneda High Guy, Hard Cock Weedrock, Bad Brains, Fishbone, The Goats, Meat Puppets, Urban High Guy, Reggae, Dub, Wu Tang, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, High Guy Fashion, WorldWeedWeb Info, Hemp Reading, High Times, Hemp History, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Many Uses Of Hemp, The Death of Hemp, Death of Hemp II, Jello Biafra, ReViews & Abuse, Fugazi, Foetus, Greg Ginn, Jimi Hendrix, Jayne Page, JonSpencerBlueJobExplosion, Nashville Pussy, I Gotta P…Polvo, Sex Pistols, Slayer, Superchunk, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Richard Kern, Kulture Deluxe I-View w/Rex, Mike Diana – Images from Worst of Boiled Angel

Propulsion Presents Hemp Punk Psychedelia
Exploitation Cassette Index
MC Fink Yo Mama
Whorgasm Numb (Sick Hop Extended ReMix)
Budda-Bang! On Fire Again
Lenola Pipebomb
Skulpey Sinker
Vaporhead I Don’t Really Think So
JohnMack I’m Nigger
Ultra Bide Africa
Blind Pigs Lost Cause
The Concubines Salem Wretch
Pleasure Fuckers Socio de Satan
Budda-Bang! Punk Rock Su
Bison Dead Center
JohnMack The Decorate
Space Needle 4 Flys on Grey Canvas
Rembetika high guy tune

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