NYAFF 2012
New York Asian Film Festival

(June 29 - July 15)
Lincoln Center - Japan Society

(ก้านคอกัด Gancore Gud)
Thailand, 2011

Directed by: Joey Boy (Apisit Opasaimlikit)
Starring: Joey Boy, DJ Spidamonkee, Buddha Bless, Nang Oum

Gancore Club meets Gancore Gud

Thai Hip Hop megastar Joey Boy is friends with Black Eyes Peas', and can do pretty much
whatever he pleases in Thailand, including making a zombie movie. You might automatically think, "WTF.
what music stars actually make good movies?" but surprise, surprise, Joey Boy is not only a good director,
but a decent actor, and the members of his band GANCORE CLUB, are a bunch of charming, funny actors.

Gancore Club on record - Fukking Hero on the left in shades and logo

Hero Joey Boy is in a dark place, with only a cellphone for light,
as he talks with a yappy woman looking for someone named "Den".

Joey Boy can't tell where he is, so the story starts back at the beginning...

life's a beach.. then you die

After playing a supernatural concert for ghosts, Gancore Club agree to do a video shot on a boat
with bikini models. The film seems like it's going to be an exploitation flick, but as soon as they land
on the mysterious Mermaid Island, thinks go haywire quite quickly.

bikini beach bimbos pre and post zombie-vacation

The bikini club and Gancore Club are attacked by zombies, who come out of the water when it rains;
at the same time, the island locals are machete-chopping everyone in their path. The movie moves fast,
as the majority of the bikini babes are killed instantly by machete or zombie,
and the Gancore Clubbers must run and hide and fight back
, or die trying.

pleased to meat you - hope you guessed my gud

You can tell director Joey Boy loves movies, and loves playing the hero, as he plays the suave,
bikini bust-heavy loving romantic, the leader of the band, and the brains behind the comeback.

Joey Boy is the leader of the pack

the music of Gancore Club is used as a soundtrack in the final fightback stage,
when Joey Boy plugs in his earphones, and the Gancore music fuels the attack
against the islanders of the living dead.

The heavies - Fat Fukking Hero, and Thai Jaws-lookalike

One of my favorite Gancore members, Fukking Hero, is zombie-fied right away,
and his oh-so-heavy character wades thru the movie, half Gancore, half Living Dead.

welcome to the jungle cave, we've got fun and gud

part of the story revolves around a mermaid, her life-giving flesh, the goddess of the
jungle,and her followers, as well as a little boy held captive, whose dad is on a boat
headed for Mermaid Island, along with a couple folks seeking the mermaid

the sweet, the dead, the goddess of the jungle... va va voom doggie!


Joey Boy slices and dices creatures from the thai lagoon, machete mayhem, and Gancore fear

The action and entertainment is non-stop in Gancore Gud, from the frequent attacks
from both zombies and crazed islanders, to the musician's eating and tripping on
mushrooms. The Gancore Club are a bunch of fun guys!

sexy thai poster

on an unrelated musical note, I bought this
Gancore Club cassette 10 years ago; it's a knockout
of a cd, highly recommended as an intro to the band

review by Jefe aka Johnny Chiba

screenings at
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Friday, July 6 @ 11:10pm
Wednesday, July 11 @ 3:50pm

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