Mike Diana FIREBRAT Book


Mike Diana FIREBRAT Book, large hardcover, 203 pgs, some never-before-published, including new 23-pg Firebrat story, b+w w/ color cover

From the introduction: “When Diana draws, a sea of glorious filth and disgusting beauty pour out of his pen a tool which he can somehow, in this state of complete possession, harness with expert precision…. The inescapable central theme that nearly all of Mike Diana’s work deals with is outsiders, repeatedly being punished by the unforgiving nature of their surroundings: those with emotions and a heart are raped, tortured, dismembered, left for dead and worse. Though many wrongly assume it, this isn’t ‘Mike Diana’s World’ this is his fantastical view of ours. He’s worked in many different art-forms, but the direct, seemingly one-on-one aspect of xeroxed zines the form he was arrested for publishing indicates that maybe this is the medium that most accurately holds the weight of these subversive, confessional creations.”

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