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banners (animated gif or jpg) - only $50 a pop


Chiba artwork for DJ Butterface Awww Yeah label - Digital single releases

c/o Radical Records


Twinny the feral cat

strange lot
Signe Pierce-flexxx


Transmogrification Study of Micro-Photography

full page here




Johnny Chiba loves/hates the Knicks


new tee-shirt designs and banners created by Johnny Chiba
for ADVENTURE TIME 2 contest

new stuffs

google image search for Bed-Stuy hammer attack suspect reveals interesting animation study
Black Flag logo
animated by Chiba
Sergio Zuniga
Puking Thing
couple of new Putrid Portraits drawn by
Mike Diana, animated by Jefe aka JC


Free Pussy Riot
watch the HBO doc
Pixel Superheroes by
Ercan Akkaya
Animated by Chiba!

Claudio Romo
artist espectacular de Chile
Animated by Chiba!

Buildings made of bread
Animated by Chiba!
Mike Diana illustration for
Sam Joyce's Tumblr story
Animated by Chiba!

Dystopia One cover assistance

new animations

Elestial Sounds
new compil
ation cd
Kleenex Girl Wonder
Let it buffer.
Laura Stevenson
Wheel animated


throughly enjoyed MOMA's "Inventing Abstraction" show

transmogrification study
FrantiĊĦek Kupka
Localisation des mobiles graphiques II

Chiba artwork for My Son The Bum

Sergio Zuniga
shivers me timbers
Chiba animates
Mike Diana
Putrid Portraits
Aurora - Geminis
Konstantina Georgia
art by Johnny Chiba
Tjutjuna Westerner
animated cover
Portage Falls
and Falls and Falls

Adventure Time tee-shirt designs and banners created by Jefe aka JC
for t-shirt contest.


gif animation

Johnny Chiba created gif animations for the magnificent
MY SON THE BUM video "Money Is The Whip"

WATCH the video on youtube

Johnny Chiba's MSTB gif animation page

MY SON THE BUM website

Jefe aka Johnny Chiba - Customized Nike Sneakers

animated study of Stephane Blanquet's art
Animated and Transmogrified

Birthday Cern
Yayoi Kusama Trans-Animama
New Microsoft Logo Animicro Chiba


Putin out the fire... with gasoline!!

Johnny Depp
by Johnny Chiba
Chiba takes Times Square
vote for El Jefe Art!
Hennessy Youngman's
Small Small World


Balint Zsako
Propositional Appetite
Chath pierSath
Wailing Wall O'Love
Keith Haring animato
early Brooklyn
mole-man unmasked
Dragon Blood Trees

Chiba salutes Linsanity
with custom tee

custom Nike sneakers

Edzayawa Animawa
hate the Celtdicks!


David Soukup
Matt Gordon
Peggy Bates



Vintage 19th c. marbled paper animated

Animated Tributes to Zhang Daqian


God bless the
King of Thailand

animations of fave pieces at Kianga Ellis Project's The New York Group Show
Jefe aka Johnny Chiba, originals at above link

Lindsay Long
Yo Mama Ain't

Imar Hutchins
Hate Male
Amanda Church
Purple Pool
Jefe aka Johnny Chiba
Green Beauty 88


some new stuff for Decembrrrr

infamous hardon
mountain redux
infamous int'l italian artist Laurina Paperina just had a birthday. you know what
"Augh" means in Italian?
phenom Ryan Bubnis the artiste had a bubday
hey thai lady princess!
I love animating the art of young Runn Korad, son of thai artist
Tommy Korad
The New York Knicks are my fave team,
but I cannot stand offensively-challenged
forward Jared "Girafferies" Jeffries...
...Merry Xmas

go jimi go go go

TEST PRESS animated salute to The Monster Engine

animation: NASA pic of Thailand Floods
Damien Hirst

New POLVO 7 inch!
merged and animated
Thai? Dai!
Awesome Music? Dai!
creator of Miles Davis
cover comp sued!
TEST PRESS Salute to the
NY Asian Film Fest (NYAFF)
Fred Tomaselli at Wave Hil
I found my (art) thrill...

Boy With A Fish,
Ad art c/o Chiba
Music c/o Boy With A Fish
Happy Birthday
Mike Diana

Prefuse 73 animated
"The Only She Chapters"
Warp Records

Scotty McCreery IS
American Country Idol

Great Actors of Japan
Art 4 Japan Relief
dog in dog coolness
Sepultura Animura

NEWS: Hamas makes rare style
appeal to Israel to halt fighting:

Zomes' new cd
"Earth Grid"
Octo-Steve Colbert
Chiba submission
Ryan Bubnis
for Japan Relief

Mike Diana art for
band Rape Dungeon

SXSW participating band artwork lend themselves to animation and transmogrification. click ani-thumbs

Daughters of the Sun
3/18 @ The Hideout
3/16 @ Elysium
Guadalupe Plata
3/16 @ Nuvola
3/17 @ 512
The Yellow Dogs
3/18 @ Habana Bar
Twilight Sad
3/16 @ Maggie Mae's

Prince Rama
3/17@ 512 Rooftop AND 3/19 @ Mohawk
Torpedo Boyz
3/18 @ Barbarella Patio
James Yuill
Electronic tbd
Alcoholic Faith Mission
3/19 @ Swan Dive
Iroquois Falls
3/16 @ The Hideout
Mose along big doggie!
3/16 @ Headhunters

Anyt'ing You Want
@ Krause Gallery NYC
Meat the artist: Ron Van Der Ende
from Der Netherlands creates realistic art
using reclaimed wood - at Der Armory Show
Coral Morphologic, Sumsun from Miami...
Art Meets Music meets Coral Reefs
Ji and Yin make art united,
art unites them
Mike Diana
has a website


88 Wheels
JiAndYin Landscape
Animated and Still
salutations to Thailand riots
Strong Animation of the Week
Animated with Landscrape Sound
Rare Forms CD
out Jan '11 on Lefse


Cecilia Biagini
Overflow from Croatia
Fractal Daisy
Marvel Zombies
quick pics from CMJ2010
RIP Benoit Mandelbrot
father of fractal geometry

Buddhist Tent
Mat Brinkman
Sunny Mike
Buddhist Temple in Dumbo
Heads, 44
@ The Hole
New Nordic Metal
CD out 9/29/10
Jefe Salute to
Cooool art

Rubin Museum
Ji+Yin B+W
Dialogue Project
another Ji And Yin
Another Westfall
Stand Alone & Animate

Kora Krit
aka Pissing Squirrel
Emile Hirsch
Dr. Laura Turkeyneck

Captain God
there are Gods
in the stars

Harvey Pekar ip
A Splendiforous icon
has passed
Cute Emma
Cute Emma del Christie

my garden pics
Special appearances by
the Ass Clown

scary kid collection
Sergio Zuniga
illustrator illustrated
David Blaine
magical mystery tourist
Kiki not Smith
cute kid collection
Ace of Cakes
the crew drawn and eaten

Sarah Brea
cute kid collection
Paul Dano
acting salutations

Weed Dealer
AwwYeah Recs cover art
Meet the Nyets
I hate New Jersey
Polvo In Prism
cd cover prismed
Dat Butterface Girl
new cd single art
My Son The Bum
new Chi-banners

animated space oddities and odysses del jefe aka johnny chiba


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