Jéfe aka Johnny Chiba first-person experiential of the great
art fair that is ART BASEL, and select satellite art fairs




Typoe's skull vomiting color piece stands out for its sheer brilliance & awe-inspiring suspension
From Spinello Gallery:
"An anonymous prestidigitator and high-ranking glitterati, TYPOE straddles an unseen fence...
His handiwork swaths billboards, public arenas, and buildings literally rotting with neglect.
A commenter, a heckler, his self-referential styling’s are violent and poetic in equal measure.
Illuminating parodies between gang relations and organized religion, corporations and the massacre of war,
TYPOE’s mixed media creations range from factory finished luxury items and graphics
to vandalized found objects that flaunt a punk-like disregard for beauty."



The Scope Foundation presents
Up With Mural



Kayrock Screenprinting a business and a hub of artistic collaboration.
Jef “Wolfy” Scharf and Karl LaRocca design and print show posters and art editions of their work:
“The artists of Kayrock Screenprinting Inc. never intended to be political-- They quickly learned to silence
their ideologies in favor of the Almighty Dollar and went into selling political merchandise.
The people and causes they have worked with throughout the years have always been interesting and
exciting before and after their failures. They do hope that their pretty, pretty pictures will inspire others to
rise above the maddening din of the liberal-controlled media to make the world a bestest place for all the
furry animals and smiling children. The artists are quite sick and tired of politics and activism.
They just want to be like the girls and have fun.”

closeups of giganto mural above, and humongo pic from ArtSlant below


Collage artist/painter Asad Faulwell explores and
examines relationships between political and religious
faith, referencing Islamic, Jewish and Christian art,
as well as contemporary methods of painting
(digital media and collage)...asadfaulwell.blogspot.com/





Born in Tunisia, Nja Mahdaoui is a visual artist,
an explorer of signs. Inspired by Arabic calligraphy,
he's been portrayed as a ‘Choreographer of Letters’,
illustrating legendary or sacred myths,
tales or manuscripts...

2 amazingly colorful artists, represented well c/o

Zurich Sw



Miami-based Jen Stark’s art is a vibrant complexitude of gradients and intricate,
mingling lattices of color and geometry that explode the ocular sense
she has a beautiful website including excellent animation

Jen Stark photographed and blogged about her Scope experiential at ArtInfo
(Canvassing the Fairs: An Artist's-Eye Tour of Art Basel Miami Beach)

Miami FL


This whimsical and colorful Godzilla series stood out amongst other great art at Licht Feld,
whose virtual catalog online is excellent as well. Funny note, after taking pics of Godzilla art on other side
of Licht Feld booth wall, I approached the gallery to inquire about the artist, and the owner knowingly
gave me a flyer for Mathias Schauwecker, he could see the Godzilla love in my eyes!

Exhibitions and virtual Gallery for modern and contemporary Art
CH Basel



Mat Brown's ink drawings are intense and detailed, intricate lines and vivid colors present a pleasant facade
beyond which lies the violence and sexuality of the subject matter. His newest work, being made into a book, details the
evolution of man, from god's earliest incarnations of sea creatures, land creatures, dinosaurs, etc, all accompanied
by nudity and sexual beings. He was part of Evolutionary Art for the Year of Darwin, a couple pieces shown here.
c/o Christopher Cutts Gallery



Ms. van Brakle's mix of construction cranes and nature emphasize a structural interaction of domestic patterns
and botanicals. Their entwinement and intersection contrast colorful, textural organic patterns, wherein intricate
geometric lines of the cranes balance feminine and masculine, strong with fragile, industrial with organic,
creating an entirely new landscape of pattern, shape, and color.

Washington DC

Founded by Paul So, Hamiltonian provides programming that develops and advances the careers of emerging artists,
and is anchored by a prominent exhibition space in the heart of the new contemporary art center in Washington DC.

also representing


Ryan Hoover's art is a laboratory of digital, electronic, and social testing,
making use of historical research, commercial software, and custom computer scripts,
exploring a diverse range of networks, structures and effects in a broad philosophical
and focused technical sense.


Jasper De Beijer uses manipulated photography to create astoundingly realistic,
unnerving art. At Scope his Recollector series, a 3D collage, uses video game technology
to create a virtual environment somewhere between a museum, a theatre and a photo archive.
See youtube for an example, visit his great website, and that of his fine gallery
c/o Galerie Kai Bruckner



Knitting is for Pus**** from Polish-born New York-based artist Olek, consists of hundreds
of miles of crocheted, weaved & recycled materials. Olek’s use of crochet has no relation
to the world of craft, instead used as an alternative to other artistic mediums.
The crocheted humans sitting around the gallery were funny just being there... classic!

Christopher Henry Gallery

also shown at Christopher Henry Gallery was amazing video from


Ultra intense video installation outside the knitting
world walls caught my eyes and would not let go.
See a short version uploaded by intense visual artist Jen Stark here



Matthew Conradt creates large-scale collages, printing found digital images and photo-transferring
them onto mylar. Reconstructing scenes of American dreams, or of a capitalist society attempting to define itself,
he shows
the disparities between the realities of the country and the perceptions we show ourselves.
What emerges is an American counter-narrative steeped in contradictions.

Brooklyn NY

also representing


The figures and portraits in Valerie Hammond's work point towards or suggest sentiment,
yet it is not sentimental but experiential and mysterious. Religious, devotional objects inspire intimacy;
Tibetan medical drawings to Buddhist sculptures, ancient forms provide inspiration.
Images of hands, combining literal and emotional qualities evoked through a physical process of layering
- an open meditation on portraiture.




Carmichael Gallery represented a number of interesting artists,

from Boogie to Boxi to Aakash Nihalani. They were also
showing the phenom Fairey Shepard and were kind enough to
break out the wonderful above piece of graffiti renaissance artist Obey,
which is what Mr. Fairey is... btw, you must see the Banksy film
Exit Through The Gift Shop to see Shepard in action in his heyday.

c/o Carmichael Gallery
Culver City CA



Hollywood icon Buff Monster cites heavy metal music, ice cream
and Japanese culture as major influences. The color pink, as a symbol
of confidence, individuality and happiness is present in everything he creates

click for monstrous transbuff-animations

Corey Helford Gallery
Culver City CA

repping just about every surrealist pop artist seen in
Juxtapoz magazine, Corey Helford is one keen gallery.

also representing at this show:


also on display at Corey Helford Gallery
was this fantastical mr. jellohead (?) by Nouar,
with a wonderful red pin (sold!) next to it



Bovey Lee's collection of paper cutout drawings on rice paper derive
visual and conceptual meanings out of a juxtaposition of symbols, forms, and spaces



Erik Foss' sexy pictures contort to
spell out the alphabet; artist is happy
to spell out your sexy name...for a price!





David Ellis' paintings are often recorded in a form
of digital time-lapse animation Ellis calls motion
painting, promoting improvisation and spontaneity.

both artists anonymously represented by

Anonymous Gallery




graffiti-esque beauty from Málaga España artista

note: web-translation of Senor Bohumil's gallery pages conveyed interesting interpretations:
The artist is painting as a continuous and error which is then used to convert the awkwardness academic virtue.
The artist seems to find the true picture painted punk and therefore a series of canvases punk punks
in the format that would give you a freelance creative, punk, called Wabi sabi.
Beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. zen punk showcase. paint low tech.

OFF THE WALL by Marcel Bohumil emphasizes the idea of denying a subjective interpretation
and prepared to achieve all resources using traditional and spontaneous popular culture,
the product of an expressed need not professionalized and therefore not conditioned
. OK!
c/o Galeria Begoña Malone





video installation entitled Story of Gogh and Ant has
Van Gogh painting on right panel taken apart and reshaped in left panel
by ants, butterflies and other insects, going from frame to frame... brilliant!

also available as an iphone app!
c/o Gallery Sejul

Seoul Korea



The poetic surrealism of Berlin's Niki Elbe's intensive use of color,
symbolically lyrical pictorial worlds are partly autobiographical,
partly poetical and partly reflective
c/o Galerie Morgen


Czechoslovakian Michal Macku works in photography, sculpture, drawing,
and graphics, creating his own photographic technique "Gellage", using state-of-the-art
technology to create 3D glass photographic objects
c/o Paci Arte Contemporary
Brescia Italy



I'm a sucker for art fish, evidenced by Mica I Marder's various interpretations of
sea creatures. I particularly like the low-tech versions found on Silas Marder website.
The gallery's location is in a farm-like area, quite close to heaven

c/o Silas Marder Gallery

Bridgehampton NY



ultra rhino bedazzled and bewildered



Hailing from Buenos Aires, Lucia Spotorno manages color and edges, using nature
as a hyper-stimulus burning experience. I enjoyed P4 website by artist Guillermo Jones,
whose own website and art denotes some awe...

Buenos Aires

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