Johnny Chiba's A-Z preview of South By Southwest (SXSW) 2011 Music Fest,
March 15-20 in Austin, Texas, with a sharp-edge focus on international bands,
great musicality, key links for your listening pressure; animations and
transmogrifications of cd covers and artwork for samurai eyeballs

Adebisi Shank

instrumental punk rock from Ireland - powerful drums and raging guitars,
psychotic rhythms and counter melodies. "sounds like Prince entered a
Chemical Brothers jam session with the Dust Brothers giving them tainted
weed from the Doobie Brothers soaked in the panties of the Pointer Sisters."

Thu, March 17 @ Plush
Fri, March 18 @BD Riley's Pub
Sat, March 19 @ Emo's Annex

Montreal CANADA

avant, experimental
avant-pop. guitar and sequencer-based melodies
combine and branch
into harmonic richness

Wed, March 16 @ Palm Door
Sat, March 19 @ Club de Ville

Calibro 35
Milano ITALY

Funky Italian jam band turns cinematic inspirations into psychedelic grooves
"Italian soundtrack funk that sounds like Goblin recording at Stax!" -Wax Poetics Mag

Wed, March 16 @ Scoot Inn

Distrito Federal MEXICO

psychedelic folk from the head, classic rock,
lo-fi aesthetics
reveal textured soundscapes

Fri, March 18 @ Habana Bar Backyard


experimental rock, hardcore pop, Israel's Carusella is a 2-person
wrecking crew on a primitive and innovative play ground. the fusion
of guitar/drums produce a roaring and bursting sound all their own.

Wed, March 16 @ Easy Tiger

Daughters of the Sun
Minneapolis MN

Twin Cities horsepower trio chug out faded-tattoo spirit-in-the-sky
psychedelic rock exhaust and avant-experimental, live electronics.
new cd "Ghost With Chains" is moon-burnt and highway-swept; lends
itself to animation and transmogrification, not unlike their musicality

Fri, March 18 @ The Hideout

Dawn Golden
Chicago IL

avant experimental to the max, Chicago's Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is a cryptic
project; remaining anonymous becomes a popular means of encouraging listeners
to focus more on music than persona. airy vocals, pulsating drums, and lush,
natural samples, alternates effortlessly between light and dark.

David Thomas Broughton

Folk singer/guitarist born in Otley (near Leeds), creates the sound of a large ensemble by sampling himself
singing, playing acoustic guitar, and making an assortment of other sounds through a Boss loop pedal;
uses various non-traditional musical instruments to augment his songs, including radios and televisions, and
occasionally incorporates a use of natural field recordings into his avant-experimental, melodramatic ambient blues

Fri, March 18 @18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn

Descartes a Kant

Guadalajara MEXICO

theatrically bizarre band from Guadalajara uses disguises to infuse a punky comedy,

energetic cabaret. influences Mike Patton, The Locust, Regina Spektor & Danny Elfman,
manage to be sinister and amusing at the same time.

Fri, March 18 @ Habana Bar Backyard

Louisville KY

Punk pioneers formed in 1978, lasted no more than two years.
the only punk band from Louisville that matters.

Fri, March 18 @ Barbarella

Free Keys
Tehran IRAN - Brooklyn - India(?)

progressive metal originally from Tehran, Iran.

Fri, March 18 @ Habana Bar

Mexico City MEXICO

Beyond the distant thing and with an environment that revolves among the mystical thing, magical and realistic;
Furland extends as a space in which, who there exists, is left to carry for the irresistible temptation to beautify the reality,
its reality, always through two main elements: its music and the inspiration that transmits the Ball of Pasture.
Just in that magical place is acceptable the rise of "History Of The Light", so universal that is opened so that itself a who be,
without importing age, sex, spirit neither ideology, is something that exists for to be enjoyed by any. Each one of the
songs that are committed in this great history, has the purpose to transport you to another placethat can be a meadow,
a swamp ó any place explorable or inexplorableof this world or of any another that bases its existence in the wait of to be found.
The result, ten as many as short that relate one to one the "History Of The Light" through the purest style Cosmic Folk Pop,
adopted pursuit the inhabitants of this space and that intends to be a door for any another universe in which the instruments interpreted
are found by Sergio, Carlos, Hyacinth and Ricardo, after all the creators and inhabitants of this great universe that led to This history of the light.
thanks to

Wed, March 16 @ Elysium

Wrexham UK-WALES

where live electronics and jagged guitars meet on the floor and thrash the shit out of each other until
neither one is left standing. Seamlessly blending organic and synthetic in a cohesive manner, while
showcasing progressive song-writing without alienating the listener. This is as much for headphone listening
in a dark room as it is for festival dance-offs. influences: Aphex Twin, Fugazi, Vangelis, Sun-Ra, Steve Reich

Fri, March 18 @ Latitude 30

Gifts From Enola
Harrisonburg VA

juxtapose elements of post-rock with a burgeoning hard-rock approach and a touch
of the “experimental” style, to soften that harshness. songs explode with blistering
intensity and sink slowly back into sonic landscapes developing an ambient texture
salted with field recordings. use of hypnotic riffs can be singularly effective.

Fri, March 18 @ Valhalla

Goes Cube
Brooklyn, NY

metallic abundance of riffs & aggression pummeling through thick atmosphere,
dynamic shifts, and nostalgic nods to punk, noise-rock, and hardcore

Thurs, March 17 @ The Ale House

Guadalupe Plata

Guadalupe=hipnotic drums, Plata=satanic guitars, Paco luis=barreño bass

Wed, March 16 @ Nuvola

His Clancyness

Bologna ITALY

from Bologna to Ottowa Canada, Jonathan Clancy makes shoe-gazing
dream pop on a hazy beach; lo-fi to mid-fi, creating sparse texture, weird
pop outbursts and dreamy melodies. simple repetitive beats give power
to the backbone of reverb drenched songs and fuzzy guitars.

Sat, March 19 @ The Parish Underground

Sao Paulo BRAZIL

energetic, unpredictable, electronic indie pop influenced by "classical" indie rock;
A guitar band with influences Fela Kuti and Jay Z, compared to Passion Pit and sweet
pop rock of Vampire Weekend; afropop percussion synthesizers, percussion and plenty of
african-brazilian rhythms, and a tint of their home country’s axé and calypso.

Thur, March 17 @ Mi Casa Cantina

Holy Sons
Portland OR

Emil Amos, drummer for Grails and Om is solo son, avant-garde experimental postmodern
philosopher looking to change his head and yours using science fiction as a scalpel;
a starting point for inner-space exploration. combines guitar, samples, and moogs into
a series of spiraling, chilled anthems.
futuristic music makes a suitable sonic complement
for fans of The Twilight Zone, Fantastic Voyage and Pink Floyd’s operatic alienation.

Sat, March 19 @ Lustre Pearl

Hong Kong Blood Opera
Hermosillo MEXICO

5-piece punk band pays homage to digitalhardcore, hip-hop, noise,
and electro combine punk energy, rocknroll aesthetics, industrial
beats, metal riffs and dancy-shit to blow your fucking mind away

Fri, March 18 @ Habana Bar Backyard

Indigo Tree
Wroclaw POLAND

avant experimental, polish primitive pop creates lullabies of
love and death via alternative, chillout, indie psychedelic rock

Sat, March 19 @ The Parish Underground

Janka Nabay

the world’s undisputed king of modern Bubu Music.
frantically paced,rhythmic dance music played with
native and electronic instruments.

Thurs, March 17 @ Red 7 Patio

KEN Mode
Winnipeg MB CANADA

elitist-asshole metallic noise rock with touches of post metal, hardcore, sludge and doom.
a sound that whips, pummels and lacerates its end users like a wicked Manitoba wind.
warped musical muscle, chest-tightening riffs, in an explosive encounter between
post hardcore and noise rock, an
artistic anti-rock/metal hybrid

Sat, March 19 @ Valhalla

Stavanger NORWAY

Brutally catchy punkrock/metal with a taste of groovy darkness!
hard-hitting, catchy rock’n’roll performed with tongue-in-cheek attitude;
Kvelertak sing in Norwegian, adding character to an already unique sound.
well known in Norway for furious live energy and metal-inspired punk rock.

Thurs, March 17 @ Prague


rhythmic post-hardcore designed to pulverize dance floors.
a wrecking ball of a band, recalling Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Helmet and Therapy?
LaFaro have character, chops and emotion oozing through every seedy riff

Sat, March 19 @ 512 Rooftop

Lucy and the Popsonics
Brasalia BRAZIL

Electro-punk, nervous indie rock is fun, fresh
and exciting with a linear but powerful bass on an Electro-pop base
incredible energy exploring the roots of Kraftwerk and Devo

Tues, March 15 @ Speakeasy
Thurs, March 17 @ Mi Casa Cantina

Madrid SPAIN

organ,synth, guitar and throbbing bass lines, heavily influenced by classic acts
such as Hawkwind, Faust or Neu! surpassing krautrock elements

Wed, March 16 @ Nuvola

Guadalajara MEXICO

post-rock, experimental; dreamy guitars, nostalgic noisy delay layers,
pulsating bass lines and jazz influenced drumbeats

Thurs, March 17 @ 512

Mutiny On The Bounty

Differdange LUXEMBOURG

urgent, time-signature-laden indierock with post hardcore appeal,
combining organic angularity with a taste for captivating melodies

Thurs, March 17 @ Prague

Northwest Indiana IN

post-punk, intelligent guitar work, recalls geometric riffs
of Jawbox and Faraquet

Thurs, March 17 @ Plush (Giant Step Prods)
Sat, March 19 @ Red 7
(No Sleep/Atticus Party)
Sat, March 19 @ Emo's Annex
(Sargent House/RLP Showcase)

No Gold
Vancouver BC CANADA

kraut grooves, ritualistic incantations, minimalist repetitions, pop
a collision of samples and synth pads with bass, guitar, and drums

Sat, March 19 @ Soho Lounge

Panama City PANAMA

Indie/Alternative Rock fusion of Panamanian culture
with an American/British influence

Wed, March 16 @ The Marq


Rolo Tomassi
Sheffield UK

progressive hardcore that defies categorisation, changing from second to second, spiralling
off into unknown territory. frontwoman Eva's growl and violent howl leads a ferocious driving,
terrifying chunky guitar riffs, fearless, adept and imaginative experimental metal punk blasts
of alternately thick noise and shrill fast-fingered guitar blips; Diplo produces MIA on speed

Thurs, March 17 @ Prague

Ruido Rosa
Mexico City MEXICO

rock clasico! all-girl indie rock harkens back
to the best of '90's grunge

Sat, March 19 @ Mi Casa Cantina

Run Walk!
Winchester UK - England

dumblecore, intense death drone; bass-led artrock couples distortion, feedback
and a megaton of low-end crunch with sharp hooks and stop-start rhythms
Equally informed by noise-rock and fuck off bastard bass noise as they are by The Maccabees
and Bloc Party in terms of songwriting chops and gruff melody, run,WALK! stand a unique position

Thurs, March 17 @ Skinny's Ballroom

She's A Tease
Monterrey MEXICO

post-punk to electronica from Monterrey, Mexico,
crotchy cd cover and cute video on band's website is endearing

Thurs, March 17 @ Flamingo Cantina


Simon Says No!
Oslo Norway

classic indie/shoegaze blends punk/hardcore
atmospheric rock/pop ala Ride, Slowdive, and
My Bloody Valentine

Thurs, March 17 @ 512


Pittsburgh PA

raw, noisy weird-punkers twist perfectly normal
rock ideas into a hulking torturous sound

Wed, March 16 @ Headhunters


Street Chant
Mount Roskill NEW ZEALAND

caffeinated post-punk soundtrack to New Zealand slam dance revolution
collisions of mania and melody, guitar distortion recall post-punky amalgam
of SonicYouth-esque primordial plunking,
Dino Jr and The Pixies with
free noise enthusiasms marshalled by a strong pop sensibility

Thurs, March 17 @ Easy Tiger Patio

Suck Piggy
Kyoto City JAPAN

oh no kyoto! all-female death rock hardcore

Sat, March 19 @ Headhunters

Swords of Chaos
Reykjavik ICELAND

bludgeoning riffage, neck-breaking performances of extreme sound, masterful noisecore packed with filth and
tormented guitar riffs, hardcore rock and roll, frantic vocals, dash of eerie soundscapes and thrilling interludes.

Thurs, March 17 @ Prague

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!
Foligno ITALY

splintered punk, bitter and dissonant tracks from

Italian power-trio

Fri, March 18 @ BD Riley's

Topping Bottoms

experimental post-drone post-noise psychedelic, ambient bdsm
improv jam band from evil-creating artist

Fri, March 18 @ The Hideout

Torpedo Boyz

hi-energy, rowdy, rambunctious, danceable electronica break beats and
zany outfits spread the funk Torpedo style, led by indie pop-meister Kentastic!
Extremely Funky Break Beat Alarm

Fri, March 18 @ Barbarella Patio

Toy Selectah
Monterrey MEXICO

DJ, mix-master wizard for Control Machete, mixes mexican soundscapes
with contemp urban riddims. worked w/M.I.A., Morrisey, Manu Chao, Diplo,
Thievery Corp, Cypress Hill, Nortec Collective, Café Tacvba

Thurs, March 17 @ Flamingo Cantina
Sat, March 19 @ Prague

Oakland CA

tUnE-yArDs: an expansive sound marries a coarse folk ingenuity
with bold pop sensibility "...jumping between blues, African tunes,
shiny reggae-esque sprawls, and lo-fi folk” Stereogum


Turbo Fruits
Nashville TN

tenacious, canines-clamped-to-the-calves-style garage-punk
clatter; lead by ex-guitarist of Be Your Own Pet.
worth seeing for song "Mama's Mad Cos I Fried My Brain"

Sat, March 19 @ Mohawk

Twilight Sad

post-rock, post-punk with heavily delayed shoegaze guitars and folk elements with
theremin, tape loops from films, old folk/country songs, effects pedals, toy keyboards,
thumb pianos, saws, computer games, and a lot of noise. on tour with Mogwai

Wed, March 16 @ Maggie Mae's


The Brutal Orchestra, like the BOREDOMS holding weapons of melody or ARCADE FIRE hardcore version.
Members are consist of 3 vocals; the ugliest rock star Psychic Yamanashi whose voice is nothing but annoying.
Another vocal is Death voice from wood cutter Mongoloid who is very manly with secret naive heart.
Mysterious Opera voice from beastly monster Velladon. ... backed by 3 strings; Punk and Classic, Progressive,
also by piano, twin guitars, base, broadcasting. Main drum is skillful Chikada famous of World's end girlfriend,
and support drum is Tatsuya Yoshida from Ruins. There are Toyohito Yoshida from BOREDOMS as a guardian god.
Nobody can take eyes from Vampillia's absolute nonsense and spectacular quixotic activities!!

Sat, March 19 @ The Hideout

We Are Animal

buzzing guitars, pummeled drums, rousing hooks, weird sounds,
ear-grabbing riffs and a nice bit of cowbell

Wed, March 16 - WMF Showcase @ Latitude 30
Fri, March 18 @ 512 Rooftop
Sat, March 19 - Leisure Tourniquet Equinox Mish Mash 2011

White Eyes

Garage, Punk, psychedelic wildness. Female singer Gao Xiao Gao always be misunderstood
that naked on stage. They are famous on energetic, sexy and violent live perform in Taiwan.
"We don't want your true hearts, but come and let me kiss your eyes"
and sing out load for the confusion and truth of youth.

Wed, March 16 @ Habana Bar



White White Sisters
Fukasawa JAPAN

Electronic/Rock play with VJ art director in live performance.
VJ represents extreme emotion using only line,dot and plane with "MAX/MSP"software.

Fri, March 18 @ Elysium

Denver CO

experimental ambient post-psychedelic; two totemic percussionists
and two sonic animators employ electric guitars, feedback loops,
and recorded samples to build dreamy astral soundscapes

Wednesday March 16 tbd + other shows tbd


Synth rock madness led by Synzo (vox & synth)
this band destroy! de! why?!

Wed, 3/16 @ Headhunters
Thurs, 3/17 @ The Grackle (Japan Preview Day Show)

Young Adults
Allston MA

ambient post-punk blitzkrieg of art-damaged noise, decibel-heavy drama
with blistering guitar, wind-tunnel vocals in a textured sonic universe.
B-52's reimagined by Shellac or Jesus Lizard

Fri, March 18 @ Easy Tiger Patio

Young Prisms
San Francisco CA

shoegazing psychedelic, my bloody valentine-esque slackers make
dark, driving rhythms overlaid with melodies that pulse, build and break;
part MBV, part Sonic Youth, part Charles Bukowski

Wed, Mar 16 3/16 @ Beauty Bar

Yourself and the Air
Chicago IL

filling in and filling out lucid rhythms and melodies
from the furious agit-pop drum beats and mathy-guitar
dueling their previous songs were built on

Wed, March 16 @ Maggie Mae's Gibson Room

Barcelona SPAIN

post world music from 2 Spaniards: Spazzfrica Ehd & Papa duPau
combine african beats, noise, thick distortions, vocal loops, free jazz, sounds
from the shepherds of Tuva, balinese polyryhtms, math rock, dadaism & drones

Thur, March 17 @ Nuvola


Psychedelic Donuts Rock meets Punk Floyd!
energetic, charismatic lead singer morphs Stonesy punk-rock
to freaky spacey psyche jazz-rock, endless jams dissolve into
a glorious noise and blues garage experiment

Thurs, March 17 @ Habana Bar
Fri, March 18 @ Cheapo's Discs
Sat, March 19 @ Emo's Annex


more trans-animated art/sxsw shows from Chiba-san

Prince Rama
3/17@ 512 Rooftop AND 3/19 @ Mohawk
The Yellow Dogs
3/18 @ Habana Bar

James Yuill
Electronic tbd
Alcoholic Faith Mission
3/19 @ Swan Dive
Iroquois Falls
3/16 @ The Hideout
Mose along big doggie!
3/16 @ Headhunters


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