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NEW IN 2023: Test Press Contemporary Underground Gallery: Artwork, Paintings & Prints from Mike Diana, Vahid Sariffian, Anne van der Linden, Chath PierSath, Drew Curtis, JohnMack and others. is home to Mike Diana’s BOILED ANGEL LIVES Box Set, Superfly comics, Original Art & Comic Pages, DVDs, Pins, Patches, Books, Comics. Mike Diana’s Weed Dude Comix lives at, your 1-stop shop for Hemp, Cannabis, and High Guy paraphernalia. House of Dong at is your online Adult Sex Toy Warehouse for men & women, featuring Realistic & Pornstar Dildos, Toys, Plugs, Anal, Lube, etc. TEST PRESS zine features Johnny Chiba Music, Art, Reviews, Animations, Johnny Chiba Cats; Propulsion Store of Hemp Punk Metal PsychedeliaRecords from Totally Fucking Gay, Budda-Bang!, PopTones, REO Speedealer, Ism: I Think I Love You, Radical Records, Royalty Records, Grita! Records, New/Used CD’s: Punk, Rock, Alternative, Metal, 7″s, Zines, Comics, Knicks On Crack!



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