TESTicle PRESSure #1


Ultra-rare, 12-page issue features Mike Diana's first cover/artwork for el Jefe; tape contains "Hairball or Puke?" by Budda-Bang!, plus unreleased rarities from Ism, Friction Wheel, y mucho cool aggressive bands.
out of print


Mike Diana: Cover Artiste Under the Gun

Budda-Bang! El Jefe Speaks

Friction Wheel Final Multi-Tour Poster Insert

Ism: Greatness or Annoyance

El Tri: Mexico's Rolling Stones

Comedy: Andy Kindler, Toby Huss

Hong Kong Flicks: Jet Li

Exploitation Cassette

Side One

Budda-Bang! - Beat Plastic

Ism - I Think I Love You

The Six & Violence - Green Berets

Friction Wheel - Good Style

John Mack - Bedside Drama

Side Two

Ism - Nixon Now More Than Ever

Budda-Bang! - Hairball or Puke?

Nuts & Bolts - I Won't Be There

The Six & Violence - Theological Guns

Friction Wheel - Happy


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