Jefe aka Johnny Chiba explores the Island of Randall, where balloons and food become art, and art is unbecoming


Paul McCarthy
Balloon Dog

Is Paul McCarthy (not McCartney)'s giant 80-foot "Balloon Dog"a homage to,
or inflatable rib at Jeff Koons? standing guard outside the Frieze tent overlooking
the East River, this majestic piece sold for close to US$1Million.
I hope the new owners have a big yard...

rumor has it, Mr. McCarthy's giant inflatable feces pieces were purchased
by same buyers to showcase with inflatable dog who done did it.
artist's rendition above.


Josiah McElheny
Frozen Sculpture

a spikey spudnick made with chrome plated aluminum, hand blown and molded
glass, electric lighting
, yet another artwork to see my picture-taking reflection in...



Miriam Cahn

Swiss painter Cahn (Caaaaaahhhhhhn... Star Trek reference) creates haunting,
thought-provoking pieces invoking sexuality and love, her low-brow cartoonish
art evoking a higher sense of femininity and violence.



a nice wide shot of the wide open Frieze tent...
leading me to the artful food of...



Tom Friedman

food for thought, this art made me, twinkie, ring ding, snowball?
artist Friedman has good taste in art and munchies, I assume he smokes pot...



Daniel Arsham
Waiting, Open Hands

broken glass and resin
standing out from the crowded sculptural landscape,
this art definitely has a broken heart of glass.



Lorna Simpson
Ebony and Jet series

Collage and ink on paper

I love the Simpsons.... Homer, Marge, Bart and Lorna.
TEST PRESS reviewed/animated her art at Armory Show
NY 2012 and Frieze NY 2012)



Paul Neagu (RIP)

I appreciated the "cushioned retardation" attributed to the artwork on the left.
The late Romanian's art is of lines and sculpture, of tornadoes, figures and wry humor...

more Paul Neagu art found on the interesting internet:



Do-Ho Suh

fashioned after his own house, the Korean artist has sewn many homes aplenty,
resplendent in spaciousness, delicate in material and consciousness.



Shahzia Sikander
Prolonged exposition to agitation, 2013

ink, gouache and graphite on prepared paper

any new art from the fantasia of Shahzia is welcome, prolonged were my stares,
exposed as they were to the agitation of my brain, as one of the pieces revealed
a skull when inverted. brilliance...



Tomas Saraceno

Like a satellite of love, hovering over the Frieze tent, replete with mirrors and solar panels,
I expected the Ringkite to fly away...amusingly, the gallery showed pictures of the artist
actually flying his artwork. quite the expensive kite and haphazard undertaking!
you are the wind beneath my exorbitant art!



Walton Ford
Tri Thong Minh

How the tiger got his stripes. interesting and beautiful.
(sold for close to $1million... grrrrreat!)



Nancy Spero (RIP)

as a member of the Art Workers Coalition and Women Artists in Revolution,
the late Ms. Spero's collaged art roars with feminism, savage imagery and intellect.

not all of her work is that heavy, as evidenced by Johnny Chiba's
animation of her Stretch art



Kara Walker

early work (1993) from the artist who would be queen
(of silhouettes)



William Kentridge
Tear & Repair

indian ink on book pages

culled from the artist's Refusal of Time video installation,
this series of drawings are seemingly torn from a page of the film.

for a great look at this piece, check out Artsy



Matthew Day Jackson

L: Anatomical Drawing (Average American Between a Rock and a Hard Place)
R: Unbearable Lightness

Domestic Drawing (LIFE, July 12, 1943)

Life Magazine cover needlepointed by the artist's mother Karen Jackson

how fantastic to see the artist utilizing his mom's craft to create art!
i hope he gives her 1/2 the commision...



Wael Shawky
Cabaret Crusades: The Path to Cairo, Soldier
Ceramic, fabric, and enamel
31 x 18 x 12 cm

Cabaret Crusades, Drawing # 56, 2010
Ink, pencil on paper
31 x 23 cm

Cabaret Crusades, Drawing # 64, 2010
Ink, pencil on paper
31 x 23 cm

marionette from the Egyptian artist's Cabaret Crusades, comprised of a series
of drawings, objects, and marionette-animated films based on the book
“The Crusades Through Arab Eyes”
by Amin Maalouf.

last seen at Frieze 2012, through the eyes of TEST PRESS

Cabaret Crusades: The Horror Show File, Fig Nr. 73, 2010
C-Print on cotton paper
62 x 41,5 cm

Courtesy the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut / Hamburg



Charlotte Posenenske (RIP)

although the late great artist's sculptures are most well-known to the general
public, I appreciated the line drawings displayed on the gallery postcard.






Kim Beom
Yellow Scream

"The technique to this painting is to incorporate
the sound of screams into the brush strokes.”

another video, Hors, Fangs, and Carapaces (1997), featured an actor shot from the neck down, using everyday objects such as furniture, apples, and the hands of a clock, as everyday weapons. quite amusing!




found dancing shelf, found display hands, foam

eerie and undulating, and fascinating...



Thomas Bayrle
Scheibenwischer (Dirigent)

windscreen wiper, electrical drive, metal construction and sound

robotic animation personified


aside from the omnipresent Balloon Dog, a number of sculptures were
scattered throughout Frieze grounds, represented by above map and link



on a closing note, a particular NYC union and Frieze artist were griping over Frieze's use of non-union employees and low wages paid, since the site of Randall's Island is off the island of Manhattan and not bound by the city's union regulations.

I don't have a problem with non-union employees, as long as they are licensed and able to use the heavy-duty equipment utilized. I find other NYC art fairs swarming with union workers who barely work, charge exhorbitant rates for doing next to nothing, using 2-3 times the amount of workers needed, so half of them can sit around and "supervise". Other NYC art fairs carry a heavy vibe of unhappy people who work there; said situations give union workers on the whole a very bad name, so it's hard to support them; AND they are using Deutshe Bank and the banking industry as a whole to support their non-union argument of not paying Frieze workers benefits and health insurance.

Please... Frieze is an annual 4-day event, not a full-time job. I support others who need work and can do the job just as well as "the union" to actually work. It seemed every person working in the light, capacious environment of the Frieze tent was happy to be there, happy to help and be part of the fair. click on the flyer and decide for yourself.



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